Truly free editorial services.

Yes, you read that right. Fletcher Editorial is a 100% free service for fantasy authors. See Pitch Your Book if you are looking for developmental editing, line editing, or proofreading services for your manuscript.

Who are you, and why are you doing this?

I currently work for a well-known and well-loved book discovery site. I am a former developmental editor for one of the Big Five publishers. I have interned with multiple fantasy literary agents to review queries, read submissions, and edit client manuscripts. I am offering free editorial services so I have examples of work to point to if I decide to work with one of the Big Five publishers again.

I have a thousand half-finished books I want to send you…

Since I am volunteering large amounts of time for this free service, I only accept select manuscripts. Please visit Pitch Your Book for more information.

Learning how to pitch your manuscript is an essential skill for any author, so I have included tips on the Pitch Your Book page.

Does this mean you will publish my book?

I want to be very clear: I am not offering these services through my employer. Working with me does not guarantee that one of the Big Five houses will publish your book or that your manuscript will be picked up by an agent.

I am offering to take your book through most of the editorial process that you would encounter with an agent and/or a publisher. I will work with you to bring your manuscript to a polish so that it’s ready to submit to an agent or a publisher. I will also give you tips for pitching your manuscript and working with a publisher. I do not guarantee that your book will be accepted by a publisher.

I want to work with you, but my book falls into _____ genre.

I am most interested in working with fantasy authors right now. However, if your book dips into science fiction, magical realism, historical fiction, or mystery with mystical elements, please feel free to pitch it to me for consideration.


Pitch Your Book

When you pitch to an editor, you are explaining why they should read your story. Pitches are normally given in person, be it in the elevator or at a conference. They are less formal than a traditional submission, but they are just as important — they are a great way to get your manuscript in an editor’s hands.

In your pitch to me, please include the length and genre of your novel, and a short plot description. I am especially interested in hearing about character development for your main characters. Please also describe your target audience — is your novel intended for adults, young adults, or middle-grade?

Ready to pitch your book?

Send the first chapter of your book, prepared in standard manuscript format (double-spaced text, 12 pt Times New Roman font, Microsoft Word) as an attachment to your pitch email, and send to FletcherEditorial@gmail.com.

Pitched manuscripts and all correspondence will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.


– Magic systems that feel real enough that I try casting a spell just to see

– Layered intrigue and multiple POV characters

– Animism! I want to read about the ways characters exist in a living landscape.

– Miyazaki meets Harry Potter

– Murakami meets high fantasy

– Grand stories that nevertheless stay close to the starting village. Bonus points if we get a good peek at a harvest festival.

– Anything to do with a coven of witches, especially if they dig through dusty tomes to research magical arts.

– Tarot-inspired elements. Think the Deck of Dragons in the Malazan series.


Questions? Comments? Write to me here.