Pitch Your Book

When you pitch to an editor, you are explaining why they should read your story. Pitches are normally given in person, be it in the elevator or at a conference. They are less formal than a traditional submission, but they are just as important — they are a great way to get your manuscript in an editor’s hands.

In your pitch to me, please include the length and genre of your novel, and a short plot description. I am especially interested in hearing about character development for your main characters. Please also describe your target audience — is your novel intended for adults, young adults, or middle-grade?

Ready to pitch your book?

Send the first chapter of your book, prepared in standard manuscript format (double-spaced text, 12 pt Times New Roman font, Microsoft Word) as an attachment to your pitch email, and send to FletcherEditorial@gmail.com.

Pitched manuscripts and all correspondence will remain confidential unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.